Stephanie Gredell

Becoming a better software engineer

I’ve did something I rarely ever do. I paid for lifetime access to It happened one late night while I was browsing Youtube. I stumbled on a video that showed a person going through his Data Structures and Algorithms course and they really sold me on doing the same. So far, I’m really loving it. I’m slowly progressing through it and so far, the Leetcode problems haven’t been too bad at all (especially since Neetcode has video solutions explaining every step of the way). I used this opportunity to also kill 2 birds with one stone. You see, I haven’t really used Javascript in a really long time.

Bill Gates Speaks

Awhile ago, I finished reading the book Bill Gates Speaks. Purchase it here. One day while talking to some people about reading books and such, I became fascinated with how much Bill Gates reads. I watched a video on YouTube about his “Think Week” where he would take off to a cabin to read and think. One day I want to do the same. Following my own curiosity about Bill Gates, I went to the library to check out books on Bill Gates called Bill Gates Speaks. I found some quotes that I thought were insightful. “Maintaining focus is a key to success.

Service and Message Definitions in GRPC

The slow crawl through GRPC: Up and Running continues. You can purchase it here. I honestly haven’t made a ton of progress because I’ve read and re-read the same few pages while doing the coding examples. However, I did get through most of chapter 2 which gives a very preliminary introduction to using Protobuf and gRPC. I have one more thing to do to finish it off which is running building and running the app (all done through the coding examples that they give, none done from my own creativity). One of the things that has thrown me for a loop while reading this is the order that they present information.